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business casual outfit builder

Business Casual Outfit of the Week

Super Simple Business Casual Outfit

Business casual look of the week
Let’s face it — going to work can be a drag sometimes. Finding the motivation to get out of bed on a Monday morning after an eventful weekend can be tough. Just because your job may not be the most fun part of your day or week, though, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer, too. Check out this ahhh-mazing business casual outfit builder of the week and take those boring work clothes from drab to fab!

1. Basic White Tank

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.57.54 AM
Let’s just get started with the basics. Regardless of if a blouse requires an undershirt or not, it’s always smart to own a couple basic white tanks for work and “play” functions. Most business casual blouses do, however, need undershirts because the delicate nature of the material sometimes makes them a little sheer. Additionally, and undershirt will really make the colors in the shirt *pop*! So starting with a basic white tank is a great “blank slate” for every business casual outfit.

2. Lightweight Printed Blouse

printed blouse to wear to work under a blazer

Finding work wear for the summer can be difficult, but sticking to lightweight blouses in fun summery prints (like this one!) is the key to balancing a cool yet sophisticated look.

3. Ponte Pants

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.58.21 AM

They’re everyone’s favorite pants for a reason!! If you don’t already own a pair of the comfiest pants in the world, ponte pants, you’re missing out on what should be a key element in every working women’s wardrobe. Made of stretchy yet structured material, ponte pants are the perfect bottoms for a business casual look because they allow for 100% comfort and 200% style. You’ll be able to easily wear these weekly in your business casual wardrobe. But as an extra bonus, you’ll wear these pants during your next girls night out!

4. Footwear: Flats & Wedges

business casual flats and wedges
As you build the perfect #workfit, never forget to give your feet the attention they deserve! Choosing between wedges and flats really depends on your personal preferences and how much activity your job requires, but both ensure fashion and functionality for your lil’ piggies.

5. Statement Earrings

Statement earrings

Pulling the entire outfit together is as easy as throwing on a bright pair of statement earrings to add just enough oomph and color to your ensemble! These bold coral earrings are a great example — they really pop when paired with a more neutral outfit!

Voilà! The finished product is a fashion-forward, work-ready look that’s sure to get some attention in the office.

Business casual look of the week

Still find yourself thinking, “but really, what is business casual?” We’ve put together a master list explaining the ins and out of business casual in the workplace. Check it out here!

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