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August Roundup: The Best of Month #8

August is always a bittersweet month for us Chicagoans. Beach days are dwindling, and my summer makeup is no longer the right shade. But, we all have a Fall Basic B*itch inside of us, reminding us how amazing baggy sweaters and fleece lined leggings really are.

Before we get too far into September, here are some of our favorite things we did/wrote about in August:

1. Celebrity Girl Crush: Taylor Swift

Swift vs Perry, Swift vs Nicki, Swift vs Avril … this has been a drama filled summer for my girl Tay Tay. (Though, I think she won the world over last week when singing Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow.) This month, we picked sides and let the world know we were #TeamTaylor and published Taylor Swift Fashion Inspiration to show our love.

Taylor Swift Fashion

2. Real Life Girl Crush: Meghan McAllister

Cheers to new friends!! We met Meghan from Lincoln Park Minute this month and had to show off her style to our readers. Meghan is a student living in Chicago, and she blogs about all things fashion and Chicago life. As you know, we blog about a lot of the same things, and have a lot in common with Meghan. If you love the 522 Envy blog, you should be following along at Lincoln Park Minute as well.

chicago fashion blog

3. Pop-up Shops!!

Now that our online store has really taken off, we’ve been traveling all over Chicago and setting up shop in different neighborhoods to promote our new website!
popup shop in chicago

Popped up at Burnham Pointe — Printers Row!

boutique popup shop in chicago

All packed and ready to go!

Popup shop in chicago

Just stuck in a little LSD afternoon traffic with the entire store in my back seat!

4. Much-needed ME DAY!

August was such a busy month, and business owners don’t regularly get to take breaks, but a few weeks ago I learned the importance of a “Me Day,” and I wrote about my experience here.  Contrary to my initial belief, “Me Days” are packed from morning until night. Don’t waste your few days off by sleeping in!! Make the best of your limited free time by following my Me Day guide here.
how to plan a me day

It’s only been September for approximately 15 hours, but our calendar is already full of more photo shoots, blog post, and of course LOTS more popup shop!! Can’t wait to share it all with you soon!

xo, Kristi

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