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how to plan a me day

Here’s How to Take a “Me Day”

how to take a personal day

How to Plan a Personal Day

I know that you’re a hard working, motivated, and productive member of society. You’re used to having a lot on your plate, and taking over the reins of your life and career. So unless you’re literally dying or lost a limb or something extremely dramatic like that, you’re probably not going to ask to take a personal day from work. But, in some cases, you really should.

How to know you need a “Me Day”:


– You may mask your stress at work like the pro you are, but when you get home, do you need to snap at every little thing your roommate does? Do you want to cut her hair off in her sleep because she didn’t turn on the dish washer? Maybe you’ve thought of starting a post-it note war over the dirty sock on the ground? Yeah, time for a “Me Day.”
– Another sign you need to take a personal day is when you lose complete interest in everything work related. Do you feel like you are you going through the motions and you’re apathetic towards virtually everything your coworkers tell you? Are you tuning them out when they talk about their personal lives, because you simply don’t have the energy to care? That sounds exhausting– it may be time to rejuvenate and reset.

How to Plan a Personal Day:

A “Me Day” takes planning. They don’t happen that often, so you really don’t want to waste it.  Spend time to figure out what you really want and need to do. Try to mix some personal relaxation, mental rejuvenation, and a tiny bit of productivity. A “Me Day” should look something like this:

7:30am: Wake up. Oh, you thought you could sleep in til 11? NO! You need to make the most out of this day! While I would highly discourage wasting your day by hitting snooze, it would be okay if you spent some time waking up slowly. When was the last time you just laid in bed for 20 minutes? That sounds like magic. Don’t forget to make your bed! You’ll be so happy you did at the end of the night.

8:30ish: Go for a run / yoga / something athletic and preferably outside. If you really want to de-stress, exercise is just the trick.  Also, I think it is really important to leave the house early and get moving, because it will kickstart your entire day. Get out of the house before 9am and you will be super productive the rest of the day.

930am-11am ish: Shower, let your hair air dry, do your nails (hands & feet!) Seriously just spend some time on personal grooming and all the routines you usually rush through in the morning as you’re running out the door.

1130am: Get back outside. Go out to lunch alone. It’s kind of fun! I suggest bringing a mindless gossip magazine, or have all the bloggers you’ve been meaning to catch up on preloaded in your iPad. If you need some inspiration, here are some of our girl crushes right now:

Chicago Blog Cedar & Rush

Cedar & Rush

CHicago Blog The Kittchen

The Kittchen

Chicago Blog Kelly in the City

Kelly in the City

Chicago Blog Lakeshore Lady

Lakeshore Lady
2pm: Go shopping and buy something you don’t need. You now have the time to go back to that boutique in your neighborhood and try on as much as you want without anyone rushing you out of the store. Or maybe go to Walgreens and read every single greeting card in the entire store (my dream day). Buy a new color of Essie or some lipstick while you’re at it. And maybe a cheap bottle of wine for later, why not? That’s what “Me Day’s” are all about.
starbucks for your personal day

3:30pm: Girl you’ve been busy already! If you haven’t already, go get some Starbucks.

4pm: So you’ve spent the majority of your day so far doing really fun personal tasks. Now, you are going to do something that you said you would always do if you had the chance: Go grocery shopping during the DAY TIME to beat the after-work crowd. You don’t have much time, because it’s already 4:00, but if you make a list before you get there, you will be able to zoom through there and get everything you need.

5:15pm If you’re still feeling the productivity rush from the grocery store, maybe you can spend time putting them all away, but that’s as much responsibility I’m going to give you today. Usually you’d be packing up your work bag and getting ready for your commute home, but today you get to skip all of that. So prepare dinner like the adult you are! Crack open that bottle of wine you got earlier, and get your Julia Child on.

7pm: I would be so impressed if you made it through your whole personal day without turning on the TV. But now, it’s finally Netflix time. You totally deserve it, and you’re probably getting sleepy from that wine you opened too early. Maybe you should invite a friend over to keep you awake and help you finish off the bottle!

There’s no guilt in taking a personal day.

Personal days don’t come by often, but there shouldn’t be any guilt in realizing that it’s time to reset and rejuvenate your mind and body. If you follow my plan above to make the most of your time off, you’ll cover all the necessary bases: some much needed personal relaxation, a healthy portion of mental rejuvenation, and a tiny bit of productivity!

What else would you squeeze into your Me Day?

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