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desk accessories to make your office more you

Cool Desk Accessories for Young Professionals

Show off your Personality with these Cool Desk Accessories

If I’m being honest, my workspace is basically an extension of my home. I spend 8-10 hours a day in one location, and it’s where I get the grunt of my work done. Because of this, I am forever a believer that your workspace should be a reflection of your personality. It should be aesthetically pleasing, and it should motivate you to want to spend time there and get your girlboss on.

Whether you’re crammed into a small cubicle, or grabbing a slab of empty desk during your internship, here are ways to make your workspace more you.

desk accessories for home or office

1. Inspirational Posters

inspirational posters for office desk           motivational posters for office desk         inspirational posters for office desk


Sometimes it’s just nice to look up from your workload and smile! I love these typography prints because they are minimal yet chic, and will probably fit in seamlessly with whatever decor you already got goin’ on. Get the digital download at Sam’s Simple Decor.

2. Cool Drink Holder

cool drink holder for work desk


As I prepared to write this, I swear to God I just spilled my water bottle all over my desk and floor. And as I’m on my hands and knees cleaning up the mess, I’m cursing to myself under my breath about how much I wish I had this clip thingy to get my beverages off my desk. Here it is.

3. A Beautiful Agenda

cute agenda for work                cute 2016 agenda


This will make you want to pay attention is meetings, because now note-taking is so much fun!

4. Or, this Memo Pad 

          small notebook for desk at worksmall notebook for desk at work

Because it’s adorable AND practical. My workspace is way too small for my computer, my planner, my notebook, my phone, my writing utensils, etc. This memo pad is the epitome of using your small space wisely! Doesn’t that girl above just seem smarter to you? She does to me.

5. Fresh Cut Flowers / Succulents

desk flowers             flowers at your desk                                               flowers at your desk at work


Kristi’s Rules to Live by #75: Every table should have something living on it. I don’t know why I came up with that rule, but it’s a good one, and it makes me happy to look at beautiful flowers. If your office is casual, then get something big and floral.  If your office is conservative, get a harmless, color-neutral succulent.

Sidelines: It’s also fun to see how long I can keep something alive.

6. Wastebasket

trash can trash can trash can

People will be so impressed by how thoughtful you are to even decorate your trash. They will literally say, “Omg, that girl has an incredible attention to detail, give her a raise!”

We spend so much time trying to make our homes a reflection of ourselves, from the wall color to the way the floor plan is designed. But I wholeheartedly believe that our office space should be a “happy place” just as much as our apartments are.

Want some more office inspiration? Follow our Young Professional Lifestyle Pinterest Board!

tips for organizing your desk at work

xo, Kristi

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