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what to bring to work workbag

5 Things You Always Need in Your Work Bag

Work Essentials for the ‘Best Dressed’ Office Professional:

5 items you need in your workbag

It’s a weekday morning and you’re scrambling to get to work on time. As you rush into the office, flushed and carrying a million things in both hands, you realize that you’ve forgotten just about everything that actually mattered in your work bag. Nothing is worse than going a day at work having to improvise for your absent-minded mistakes made previously in the morning. Or, as a desperate final solution, running to the nearest CVS and spending way too much for the items you just can’t live a day without.

If you’re looking to avoid this problem once and for all, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see the ultimate list we’ve compiled of essential items that should never leave your work bag — you’ll thank us later.

1. Phone Charger

While you may not use your phone much at work, packing an extra charger is always a good idea for maximum battery usage during your lunch break and after-work plans. Your phone dying in the middle of an important call? No thanks!

2. Lipstick and Mascara

Even if my plans after work consist of binge watching Netflix and ordering Chinese, I always make it a rule to pack some killer lipstick and mascara in my bag. Call me crazy, but touching up my makeup and applying some lipstick instantly makes me feel better about myself and ready to conquer the world. What’s more, if your coworkers decide to get drinks after work, you can quickly freshen up with a new coat of mascara and lip color.

3. Comfy Flats

Whether it’s for the entire work day or just for the morning and night commute before and after work, always be sure to carry a pair of compact but comfy flats with you. Why? 1. They’re cute. 2. No one likes blisters. 3. You can actually walk. Need we say more?

4. Gum/Mints

As much as I’m a coffee addict, myself, nobody likes talking to someone with coffee breath. Besides covering your breath though, gum is great when trying to curb your appetite without snacking before dinner AND it helps you concentrate when completing tasks. Win – win.

5. Fork

Okay, so this may seem odd but I’m always sure to bring extra eating utensils and keep them in my purse. Why? Because how awkward is it to heat up a lean cuisine to then realize you have to eat it with your hands? Yeah, no thanks. Spare yourself the embarrassment and pack that fork, babe.

5 items you need in your workbag

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