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date night ideas for valentine's day

Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Couple’s Cooking

date night ideas for valentine's day

Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

To be honest, I love that there is a day on the calendar in the middle of the winter that forces me to make plans, either with my bae or with my girlfriends. February is usually right around the time where I start to hibernate and wait for spring- let’s just say that weekend plans involving putting on shoes are typically rejected– like, immediately.

Then Valentine’s Day rolls around and I think to myself, wow I haven’t shaved my legs in quite some time. What a perfect opportunity to get all dolled up and leave my apartment!!

Since I’m totally a last-minute person, I’m never able to get fancy dinner reservations (or any dinner reservations, for that matter). But out of that fatal flaw has spawned an unexpected result: I’m the queen of coming up with spontaneous and creative date night activities!

So, What’s My Expert Date Night Advice?

My crush-of-the-moment is taking classes! You may have heard of Dabble because we frequently host sushi making classes at the boutique! Basically, it’s an online platform that allows you to attend in-person classes and “Dabble” in new areas, maybe it’s cooking, or dancing, or art, the list is endless. Of course, this is Valentine’s Day and I want to be fed so naturally, I’m drawn to the cooking classes.


Why It’s a Perfect Date Night:

Like I said before, you’re probably going to want to eat at some point of your date night, so a cooking class covers that.

Secondly, you actually get a lesson, which is just valuable for general adulthood.

Lastly, the classes are typically pretty entertaining! The instructors know you are mostly there to have a good time and try something new, rather than to create a masterpiece meal. This results in pretty laid back environment.

Psstt… Any other last-minute-planners out there?? We are hosting a Sushi Making Class on February 12th at 7:30pm! Sign up here!

Dress Code:

It’s a very casual and relaxed setting, but it is date night, so you’ll probably want to wear a dress or something festive! Browse our collection for Date Night Outfit Ideas for Valentines Day.

red shoulder cutout dress date night idea for valentines day date night idea for valentines day shoulder cutout dress date night idea for valentines day

FYI, you will be standing (but only for like, an hour!) so wear comfortable shoes if that’s your jam.

Instead of just spending all night sitting at a restaurant that has the same menu all year long, I love the idea of doing an activity for Date Night! It’s definitely something unique and entertaining– and while you’re at it, you can test out your man’s cooking skills to see if he’s a keeper!

Do you have any Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day? Spill in the comments (and help us last-minute planners out!)

-XO, Kristi 

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  1. Sarah @ Windy City Wanderlust

    This is such a great idea for a date night! It’s the best of both worlds since it combines a fun activity and food! 🙂

  2. Lydia G

    I love this. My husband and I have a tradition of cooking steak together on Valentine’s Day (a treat for sure) but we’ve also done cooking classes together other times during the year – they’re so fun! Plus, sometimes you not only eat there but you get sent home with leftovers!

  3. jessica

    I love this idea! I should have done some of these with my BF instead I had avocado toast!! hahaha
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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