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mint spring dress

One Mint Spring Dress For 3 Occasions

mint spring dress

One Mint Spring Dress For 3 Occasions

Dress shopping is a stressful job because you have to take so many things into consideration. You have to think about the price, the color, what kind of fit you’d like for it to have, and you also have to be realistic about the number of times you’ll actually wear the dress. Most of the time, dresses aren’t versatile enough to be worn more than once so after that one use, it ends up in the back of your closet and maybe you let one of your girlfriends borrow it.

Well, we totally understand that problem and are happy to share with you one of our newest arrivals from our Pursing Pretty Collection. Our mint spring dress is honestly the dress that you need in your closet this season!  Mint is the best color to wear for spring because it’s just the right amount of vibrance to brighten your mood. And, this particular dress is the right mixture of class, fashion, and comfort that it can work for several different occasions– and we’re going to share with you three!


1. Spring Wedding

Got a wedding to attend this spring? Well this mint spring dress is the dress for you! You obviously can’t out-dress the bride because hell, that’s just plain rude. But, you can definitely be the best dressed wedding guest in this mint spring dress. What makes this dress amazing is the gorgeous mint color and the feminine lace layer on the top. I’m personally in love with the lace layer because not only does it cohesively flow with the fit of the dress, but it’s also a great way to deceive other people into thinking you’ve got a bust, which is important for women like myself, haha. Not to mention, at weddings you’re expected to sit, stand, dance, eat, and basically just do a whole lot of moving. With that said, you need a dress that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in for 5+ hours. Because of the loose fit, this mint spring dress will truly give you the best comfort!

2. Easter

Whether you’re going to church or simply having a party with the family, this mint spring dress is perfect for Easter! Besides being pastel-colored, which is an Easter must-have, this mint spring dress is cute and appropriate for church and family events. We paired this mint spring dress with white heels and a blazer, but you can always switch them out with some comfortable flats. It also has a loose fit, which is perfect for when you’re chasing your little cousins, nieces, nephews, or siblings around the yard and trying to steal their eggs. Bottom line: you simply can’t go wrong with one!

3. Baby Shower

Baby showers are all about the pastel colors, and mint is a great choice if you don’t know the gender of the baby! The pink lipstick also adds a nice, soft touch to the whole ensemble! And as mentioned multiple times, the loose fit gives you the best comfort you need, especially when you’re running around, trying to win all of those ridiculously fun baby games!






What do you think? Where else would you wear this adorable mint dress?

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