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wedding outfit ideas

Wedding Outfit Ideas On Repeat!

wedding outfit ideas

Wedding Outfit Ideas On Repeat!

Happy Spring, ya’ll! Spring has officially sprung (ok, according to the calendar, not the weather…) and we are READY for it!! With spring comes warmer weather, gorgeous flowers, and your mailbox flooding with invitations to spring weddings, Easter Sunday parties, baby showers, etc. etc. As the fridge fills up with all your invites and almost every weekend booked, it gets pretty tough on your wallet when trying to find an outfit for every single occasion. Yep, we totally get it.

We kept that in mind when curating the Pursuing Pretty Collection— because you can’t really justify wearing a dress one time, so we put together wedding outfit ideas that you can literally wear again and again and for other occasions!

The dress that we are totally crushing on right now is our Eyes of Blue Shoulder Cutout Dress. This dress is one of our favorite wedding outfit ideas from our collection because you can honestly wear it for so many other occasions –> Read on to see where we plan on wearing this versatile dress this spring!

Wedding Outfit Ideas You Can Wear Again & Again

Occasion #1: Spring Wedding

Wedding Outfit Ideas You Can Wear Again & Again

Because everyone is so excited about finally having warm weather, spring season is jam packed with weddings. We’ve shown you lots of different wedding outfit ideas, but this blue dress is definitely my personal favorite. When it comes to weddings, you’ve got to make sure you’re wearing a comfortable wedding outfit because you’ll be wearing it for hours. This blue dress serves as one of the few wedding outfit ideas that guarantees comfort! The shoulder cutouts also add a little style so it’s classy yet still fashion forward. Pair this dress with a simple long necklace, cute clutch, and heels, and you’re good to go!

Occasion #2: Easter Sunday

Wedding Outfit Ideas You Can Wear Again & Again

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, you don’t have time to find another outfit to buy! That’s when this pastel blue dress comes in handy!  Easter Sunday is meant to be relaxing and a time spent with family and friends. One of the things I love about this dress for Easter Sunday is the baby blue color. It is soft and subtle, making it appropriate for a fun and festive spring occasion.

Occasion #3: Baby Shower

Wedding Outfit Ideas You Can Wear Again & Again

Attending a baby boy’s shower this spring? Well this baby blue dress is the outfit to wear!

Whether or not the mother-to-be is expecting a boy or a girl, the baby blue color of this dress is soft, subtle, and simply screams baby!

When you have such a packed spring calendar, you can’t always afford to buy something for every single occasion. That is why it is important to invest in pieces that you can wear again and again. This blue dress is simple yet stylish, and trendy while still being conservative. It is definite a go-to staple in my spring wardrobe!

Want more wedding outfit ideas? Check out our Pursuing Pretty Collection!


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