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less is more, tshirt dresses for summer

The Season of Less is More: Tshirt Dresses

less is more, tshirt dresses for summer

The Season of Less is More with Tshirt Dresses

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and I have been taking advantage of that! I picked up some bad habits this past winter that just need to go, and so springtime and “spring cleaning” means so much more than re-organizing my home, but parts of my life as well.

If you’re anything like me, spring-cleaning always includes a huge wardrobe dump. Along with packing up all my fleece lined leggings, thick sweaters, and scarves for next season, I always try to edit my closet to the bare minimum to reduce the clutter in my bedroom and my mind. A messy bedroom always translates to a messy mind, and I am so over that!

This spring, my styling has taken on this same philosophy and I’ve embraced “less is more” mentality. My favorite thing in my closet right now: Loose fitting t-shirt dresses. They are minimal, versatile, and extremely easy to wear. Simple accessories are all this outfit needs, and that translates into a less cluttered and more thoughtful wardrobe as a whole.

The best part: t-shirt dresses serve as a great “base item” that I can build my new wardrobe around. I don’t feel like I need to hang on to things I haven’t worn in years because the look of a simple tshirt dress replaces so many of the other dresses that I could have worn, but chose to keep on the hanger. I can literally get rid of a handful of dresses in my closet right now and replace them all with just 1 tshirt dress. Even just the thought of that calms my anxiety!

Here are the three tshirt dresses I seem to keep wearing over and over again:

1. Casual Cool Tshirt Dress in Black

simple black sleeveless tshirt dress for spring

simple black sleeveless TSHIRT DRESS to wear this spring

black tshirt dress with tie dye kimono

sleeveless simple black tshirt dress with black tie dye kimono

  1. Casual Cool Tshirt Dress in Black: Hello Spring Basics!! You seriously can’t get much easier that this one: Effortless, comfortable, and cute! This tshirt dress in black is THE dress I keep grabbing again and again, because it proves loud and clear that looking fashionable doesn’t have to be hard! Shop it here.

2. Spring Socialite Floral Tshirt Dress

blue floral tshirt dress

sleeveless blue floral tshirt dress with bralette

casual floral TSHIRT dresses

sleeveless printed tshirt dresses

2. Spring Socialite Floral Tshirt Dress: Ok, game changer!! I have to put this one BACK ON THE HANGER at least once a week because I’ve already worn it that week. Not kidding. This dress is super, unbelievably soft and really fun to wear. I always get compliments on the unexpected peek-a-boo cutout in the back! And I already have the perfect lace bralette to match <3  Shop it here.

3. Spring Socialite Floral Tshirt Dress

everybody loves tshirt dresses

simple mint sleeveless TSHIRT DRESS to wear this spring

sleeveless mint tshirt dresses

easy outfits to wear with a tshirt dress

3. Casual Cool Basic Tshirt Dress in Mint: You know how they say, “If you like it, get it in every color”? Yep, I did. I of course grabbed it in black immediately (duh) but the more and more I wore the black, I realized I obviously needed the mint, too! It’s such a fun, springy color that makes me feel a touch more feminine! I love having a simple, classic piece such as in my closet that really is as much of a neutral as black is. Shop it here.

And that makes Three!!

Have you fallen in love with this style as much as I have? Let me know which of these tshirt dresses you love the most!

XO, Kristi

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