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what to wear when it's really hot outside

Your Summer Essentials: How To Stay Cool This Summer

what to wear when it's really hot outsideYour Summer Essentials: How To Stay Cool This Summer

What to wear when it’s really fricking hot outside

It’s summertime in Chicago and I don’t know about you, but I’m totally loving the warmth! I just love walking out of my apartment and feeling the sun beaming down on my skin, hanging out at the beach, and going out to all of the different festivals around the city! Now, despite my love for this warm weather, there are definitely some days that are just way too hot for my liking. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about: those random, 90 degree days where the humidity is just too much and you feel like you’ll basically faint at any moment because of the heat. Now, I know that staying indoors with the A/C blasting sounds like a wonderful idea on these 90 degree days, but it’s not! You’ve got to take advantage of these warm, sunny days because before you know it, we’ll be back to the polar vortex– So, I’ve made a list of summer essentials that will help you stay cool and look cool this summer.

Breathable, Lightweight Material

lightweight clothing_1

lightweight clothing_2

Cottony, loose fitting tops are the best top to wear during the summer because they are super breathable. We especially love this Cheers To Sunday Crochet Trim Top because it’s lightweight and totally perfect for those hot days. My favorite part about this top is the fringed trim. It adds style and flare to any ensemble! If you’re going to be out all day, at a festival or at the beach, you can totally count on this top to keep you cool and comfortable for hours!

Throw On A Kimono

lightweight kimono_1

lightweight kimono_3

lightweight kimono_2

Every gal needs a kimono, especially this floral kimono. Seriously! It’s simply the best summer essential! I personally love wearing kimonos when I know that I’ll be out all day and night — Kimonos are very lightweight, flows nicely, and gives any outfit a boho touch!

Stay Comfortable In Cloth Patterned Shorts

cloth shorts_1

cloth shorts_2

Have you ever worn tight shorts during the summertime?  I bet your thighs were not happy about it! Well, switch those tight shorts to a pair of cloth, patterned shorts. Out of all of our summer essentials, cloth shorts are definitely a must. It’s probably the best thing you can do for yourself during the hot, sticky summers!!

What’s In My Bag?


Now that I’ve told you what to wear, here’s my top summer essentials that you’ll find in my bag: a Polaroid camera, lipstick, powder, my phone, headphones, and a refreshing Starbucks drink. It’s summertime and everything is so much prettier during this season! So I love bringing along my Polaroid camera because you never know when you’ll find something gorgeous to take a picture of! I also brought my makeup essentials, which are my lipstick and my powder, just in case I have to do some touch ups! Another one of my summer essentials is my phone because, well, my phone has my entire life on it! I also have headphones because I enjoy blasting Beyonce’s album as I’m walking down Michigan Avenue. Last but not least, I keep cool with a refreshing Passion Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks!

Don’t Forget The Hair Ties!

hair tie_2

One of the most important summer essentials are hair ties! Before leaving my apartment, my favorite accessory to wear is a couple of hair ties on my wrist, just in case I want to throw my hair up!

Stay Cool With These Hair Styles!

hair tie_3

hair tie_1

My personal favorite hairstyles to do during the summertime are a simple braid and a tight bun. These hairstyles are totally easy to do, totally stylish, and keeps me cool!

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