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girls night in feature blog

The Ultimate Girls Night In: Eat. Drink. Wear. Watch.

girls night in feature blog

The Ultimate Girl’s Night In: Eat. Drink. Wear. Watch.

Life gets busy around the holidays, and with all the family commitments that pack the calendar, it’s important to have a little Girl Time! Instead of making reservations, fussing over what to wear, and spending tons of ca$h you should be saving on Christmas gifts, we’re going to guide you through the Ultimate Girls Night In!

So text your squad to come over ASAP and let’s jump in:

What to Eat:

Does your mind immediately go to pizza? Because ours did! Pizza is fuss-free and the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

pizza food girls night in

Here is Kristi‘s party pizza tip:

“I once was told I made the best flat bread pizza in the world, and I literally laughed in their face! This is how I do it: I buy frozen cheese pizza, like the really cheap kind from Walmart. And then I buy fresh herbs — basil and oregano — and THEN I throw a few fresh tomato slices and mozzarella cheese balls on top before I stick in in the oven.  I’m not trying to fool anyone that I make my pizza this way, but seriously try to tell me a better way to buy pizza from the store!! If you don’t want to wait to a delivery dude, this is the way to go!”

And For Dessert:

Of course, there has to be something sweet at a Girls Night In party. So we asked the Queen of DIY, Jillian of Campus DIY to help us come up with something easy enough for a group of tipsy ladies to make (oh, you think we’re baking sober??? …no.)

Confetti and Chocolate Covered Oreos_ girls night in

Yep, those are Chocolate Covered Oreos!! Campus DIY’s sprinkle and chocolate-covered oreo recipe is by far one of the easiest desserts you will ever make because you only need 3 ingredients and about 5-10 minutes!!

Get her steps here: Campus DIY

What to Drink:

No party is complete without a bevvy in your hand! Since it’s apple season, we’re suggesting a festive twist to your normal white wine: Apple Cider Sangria!

Apple Cider Sangria I

Apple Cider Sangria |

The recipe to follow is from How Sweet Eats — the only thing we added to ours was a few peach slices as well!

Get the recipe here: Apple Cider Sangria

What to Wear:

The best part about a Girls Night In is that it’s an excuse to ditch the fancy attire and wear something super cozy! And you know that’s really what we’re all about.

cozy girls night in

You’ll just need something cute and cozy, like our magical fleece lined leggings (which are only second to no pants at all) and a blanket scarf that doubles as an actual blanket when you’re ready for some Netflix!

Survive The Holidays Series: 4 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Shop Fleece Lined Leggings.
Shop Blanket Scarves.

What to Watch:

Stick to something light-hearted with a plot line that doesn’t necessarily require all of your attention, because honestly you’ll probably be chatting through the entire movie anyway. Our fave of the moment? The Netflix Original,  Mascots.

Image result for mascots netflix

This Best In Show-esque mockumentory is quirky yet charming, and really, really dumb. But as long as you know that going into it, you’ll be laughing the whole time! Bonus: Gabe Lewis from The Office is a main character!

Planning a fun Girls Night In is not supposed to be stressful, so we picked some low-key and low-budget ideas so have a super relaxing night! If you throw your own ladies night, make sure you tag us #shop522 so we can see!!

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